**Languages on Line On line resources**
Although this site does not have many ready-made resources for Chinese, you can download gamemakers and make your own.

What is web 2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoWKkl5nA08

Rubric maker for games in LOTE

Melbourne Immigration Museum.
This site has great resources for teachers and students. if you are doing detailed study for VCE on the chinese experience in Australia this is well worth a look.

Videos available on line:
Short videos about China, its people and different aspects of life. http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/chinastories/video_stories/liu_xiao/
This link will take you to short videos on architecture, food, etc:

Another useful resource from the BBC, this time about Chinese New Year:

Some online games your students can try:

From the EMR Chinese Wikispace:

Genki - learn Chinese the fun​ way

Digital Dialects - games and resources for learning Chinese

Learning Chinese with BBC

2K - Fast & Fun ways to learn Chinese

Real time Chinese language learning

CLTV - Learn Chinese through free daily video TV program

OurKidz Australia - everything you need to know in Education

Chinese scenarios

Digital Dialogues

Better Chinese - free online reading materials - Hot & Fresh

Famous online flash stories

Fun with Chinese language learning - Taiwan (Traditional Characters)

Chinese 4 kids

eChinese learning

Online flashcards & vocabulary exercise for children & beginner

Online Visual dictionary

Online Chinese class

Easy for Kids to learn Mandarin - online story

Online comic maker

Learn Chinese with Kai Lan

Watch video & learn Chinese

Create your own fun photo comic strips and add conversations and subtitles in Chinese.

Free Chinese online lessons for beginner

Online vocabulary

Languages Online

Websites of games and resources for cultural learning.

Yong's China Quest Level 1

China game

Chinese New Year Talking Book & Puzzle

Chinese New Year Art & Craft

Fun games to learn about Chinese culture

Everything about Panda

Year of the Tiger - 3D Art & Craft

Chinese inventions

Clavis Sinica - reading & dictionary software

21st Century Passport to China

Melbourne Chinese Museum - Little Bourke Street


Learning Chinese with BBC

Chinese tutorials

Chinese for kids

Phrases for travelling

Great online Chinese podcasts with Serge