Intro: Share who you are and either:
  • something funny about you
  • a great tech success you've had
  • a great tech failure you'd had

Activity 1: Filter on:
  • What are you working on in your classrooms now? What are you planning for Term 1 next year? What are your filters?
  • Wallwisher to put ideas up together - let them figure out how to use it

Activity 2: Playing with some tools that might help
  • Flip Cameras x 2
  • Easispeaks x 4
  • iPads
  • iPods with mics

Possible Web Tools and Apps - depending on filters

Activity 3: The TPACK Framework

TPACK: Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge


Intro video

"A particular approach to a particular topic using a particular set of technology tools." Ruben Puentedura

Keynote from Punya Mishra and Matthew Koehler - well worth watching (it goes for an hour)
Video Podcast from Ruben Puentedura about technology aspect of TPACK and the SAMR Model (Episode 1)
and a graphic of his talk with examples:
Intro to the SAMR Model on YouTube:


Discussion Director
Your job is to write a list of questions that your group might
want to discuss about this article.
Your job is to prepare a summary of the reading. Just focus on the important parts. The other members of your group will be
counting on you to give them a quick statement that tells about the article.
Your job is to draw some kind of a picture related to what you read in the article. It can be a sketch, cartoon, diagram, or stick figure scene.
Your job is to find connections between the article and Chinese language education.

Present your summary, illustrations and connections to the group.


Group brainstorm: We already have the technology and the content. What about the pedagogy?

Activity 4: Mystery Bag Challenge (adapted from idea by Penny Coutas)

For this activity you will each be given one or more 'lesson ingredients' of:
  • technologies
  • pedagogies
  • content

You need to

1.Create one dish (lesson idea) from as many or as few ingredients as you like for an upper-primary class.
2.Include both sequenced & unsequenced outcomes.
3.Plate it up.
Activity 5: Invention Test

For this activity you will be given one content topic. You then need to come up with an activity or series of activities using whatever pedagogy and technology tools you like.

Useful Links:

Share on the Hanyu Laoshi ning.
Cool Tools For Schools
iPads and iPods for Chinese

Simone's Food PowerPoint