Hello Everyone!

Here are my contact details as well as links to projects I mentioned and lots of videos that I took in my classes of things I've done.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd really love to know what your project ideas are (plus I might have a trick or two up my sleeve to help you with it!). Don't feel overwhelmed with all of this stuff, or with all of the possibilities that are out there. Just pick one thing that interests you and go with that. Gotta start somewhere! :-)


P.S I have embedded all of the following videos from TeacherTube. Each one should work just by clicking on play. TeacherTube has just changed things recently so they are only showing up as black screens rather than showing the first image of the video, and there is more advertising! Grrr...

Contact Details:
Skype: jess.meyer

My Recorded Lessons:


The projects I mentioned:


International Collaboration

The Lunch Box Project
Little Language Experts

Other Classroom Projects:

Prep/1 'Our Wild China' wiki


CSHS International Studies
The 2010 IWB Challenge

Taking Chinese Away - Mobile Technologies

Getting kids to use bluetooth to send me their work (we were in Nanjing at the time):

A couple of the little kids using recorded lessons on iPods. (We used the hand gestures to help learn words too):

Here is a student using an iPod with a voice recorder attached:

IWB Stuff:

The Seven Wonders of the Whiteboard Challenge
The challenge I set uses Chinese as an examples. Actually, I'll pop the video just here:

and there is this one that shows my kids doing that activity and a similar 'audio wordfind' one as well:

Screencasting on the IWB (but you don't need an IWB to do this!)

The technoChinese student Network (still a work in progress)


Educational Networks you might be interested in for connecting to other teachers and classes:

OzNZ Educators
Classroom 2.0

And if you get this far, here is a real treat! (I joke I joke!)
This is a video of 3 short Chinese lessons I made for a class in England. I was even inspired to poetry in the last lesson! Ah, the crazy things I do...