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1. For starters, for those students who traveled to China can use this wiki spaces for posting their photos. The students can use this space for cultural projects- power points as well as their assignments.

Mary Hugh
St.Catherines school

I have not done any work on this page since our last workshop.
The link below was what I have done the on day.

Nancy Ting
Brighton grammar School

My intention is to post what I have cover in a form of exercises for student to re inforce what is covered in class. I am hoping to explore ideas on what is usefull for my students.

Kerry Law
Doncaster Gardens Primary School
My edumail contact
Doncaster Gardens PS Wiki

I have started the wiki for my Grade 5 & 6 students last term, from the DEECE pilot program Web 2.0, and still in the process of it.
A very positive & lots of very encouraging feedback from the students. After all these time, those Gr. 5 & 6 students' siblings would like to join the wiki too, so now the wiki is open for all the Doncaster Gardens PS students to join.
I think Wiki is a very social media teaching & learning tool, my student are very engaged into the wiki, and learnt lots from it.
2 teachers from my school joined the wiki & consistently visit the wiki & learnt the Chinese language as well, then they said the things they've learnt from the wiki in front of me and their students after each lesson. My students & the teachers really made the benefit out of the wiki.
I am very happy with the result so far, even though lots of sleepness nights, but students and teachers really appreciated the efforts I've put in & gained lots from the wiki. I guess I lost my sleeps but my students and teachers gain lots of engagement in learning Chinese language & culture in my Chinese lessons. That is already make the smile on my face like :)