• create a lesson to bring back and share with others that incorporates at least two of the skills we learnt in this session. Make sure your lesson has clear aims and explanations so that other teachers can follow it easily. We will start to create a resource section of IWB files for Chinese.

Click HERE to go to the IWB file page to download some lessons

Where to find resources and lessons for your IWB:
(don't forget to do a search in Google for videos of IWB lessons - there are plenty out there)

SMARTBoard (Notebook Software)

SMART Training Center - choose 'Free Learning Resources' from the left hand menu. The most useful sections are the 'SMARTBoard Interactive whiteboard 10' and the 'SMART Notebook software 10.' This is where you will find printable guides on how to use many different aspects of the Notebook software. There are also quite a few video tutorials.

SMART Exchange - find resources for your classroom and connect with other teachers

SMART - Australia - searchable lessons to download

SMART - Teachers' Hub

TeamBoard (Easiteach Software)

How-To Videos

My Easiteach Free Lessons

User Guides

Promethean Board (ActivInspire Software)

Promethean Planet

ActivInspire TopTips

Best Practice, including ' How to Design Magnificent Lessons'

Professional Development - ActivlLearning

Educational Networks about IWBs you might like to join:

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution

SMARTBoard Revolution


but most importantly - don't forget the Interactive Whiteboard Users group on the Hanyu Laoshi ning.