Chinese Teacher Training Centre
Summer School
ICT Workshops
January 20 and 21
Melbourne University


Presenter: Jess McCulloch

a) Ideas and Planning for a Collaborative Project
b) Tools for Introducing New Language

Student Created Multimodal Project Content

Connecting With a Partner Class

Online Networking for Educators

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONE OF THE MAIN AIMS OF THESE SESSIONS IS TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME PLAYING AROUND WITH THE TOOLS WE ARE EXPLORING. So, don't be afraid - get in there, press buttons, see what does what, see what you can do with it, experiment, fail, experiment again, succeed. Don't know what to do?
Try something out before you ask someone else how to do it.

Session descriptions:

Each session will introduce and give step by step instruction on how to access and use different online technologies as well as giving one or two examples of how to integrate use of an interactive whiteboard for effective learning of new vocabulary and characters, as well as effective communication with partner classes. Participants will leave each session with ready-to-use activities or, if all 4 sessions are attended, a unit of work that will be ready to use in Term 1.

Even though each of the ICT workshops is a complete session that stands alone, the overall objective of the 4 sessions is for participants to develop an online collaborative project based on a chapter or unit of the participant’s choice. An example of a successful online collaborative project, The Lunch Box Project, will be used as a model. Other ideas for projects will be introduced and discussed in each session.

Participants will be able to create activities for learning new language with applications such as Hot Potatoes and Memory Game Maker (Session 1), then design tasks for students using video, photos, podcasts and wikis (Session 2). The next stage will focus on using online chat applications like Skype and Tok Box to design communicative activities that allow students to share their work and interact with a partner class (Session 3). The final session (Session 4) will focus on online networking for educators – how to find other teachers to work with and staying in touch with other workshop participants. The focus of this session will be Ning networks, but other networks will also be introduced.